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Love Blooms Here

April 2018

Cowboy Beans

It’s almost Rodeo Week in Red Bluff and Redding… when everyone is a cowboy! To celebrate, cowboys like a great barbecue. And what is a barbecue without hearty Cowboy Beans? You can’t go wrong with these!

Classic Cars and Community with Kool April Nites

KOOL APRIL NITES is a nonprofit organization that presents a week-long public event for classic car enthusiasts every April.

Taco Tuesdays

March 2018

My Town

Christine Haggard, Community Organizer, Shasta County Health & Human, Services Agency

Satellite Building with Shasta High School Students

SHASTA HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS are building a contraption that’s slightly bigger than a can of dog food with circuit-board innards, skinny antennae and a covering of wafer-thin solar panels.

The North State Welcomes Bonnie Raitt

WITH A CAREER spanning nearly a half century, 10 Grammy wins, and an induction into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Bonnie Raitt is one of the most successful artists in music today.

Hummingbird Enthusiast Teaches Photographers to Catch Elusive Subjects

THE HUMMINGBIRD fascinates people. A tiny flyer seems to appear out of nowhere, hovering impossibly near flower or feeder.

Patrick Ranch Museum in Durham

JUST ASK ANYBODY in the Chico area, “What’s the best place to see and hear about Northern California agricultural history?” and the answer is invariably the Patrick Ranch Museum.

Washington Street Productions in Red Bluff

CHERYL CARTER knows the first day of work for each new cohort at Red Bluff’s Washington Street Productions brings employees with more than first-day-of-work jitters.

Local Spotlight Support Local

Join us this summer season for Enjoy Movies in the Park–every Friday from June to August 10th at 6:30pm.


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