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Joe Friedman Dances Around the World

Graceful and athletic, strong and elastic. On earth, Joe Friedman bends like a contortionist. In the air, he defies gravity.

Lakehead's New Antlers Bridge Gets Artsy

How about this fish story? Twenty-five-foot largemouth bass spotted at Shasta Lake.

Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, Part Two

Traveling along the segment of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway between Old Station and McCloud will leave you with little doubt as to how this all-American Road got its name.

A Family Affair with Richard and Ann Malotky

It was a toasty 118 degrees on that Fourth of July day in 1985 when Richard and Ann Malotky rolled into Redding in a U-Haul with their 6-month-old son, Max.

The Colorful History of the Redding Methodist Church Quilt

A large quilt hangs in the Fireside Room at Redding Methodist Church.

The Siskiyou Arts Museum

Within the city of Dunsmuir, there is a place where fish swim in schools along the walls. Sailing ships move up and down, changing form.

The Past, Present and Future of the Red Bluff Round Up

When Kathy Sibert gives a tour of the Red Bluff Round Up Museum, she gives a bit of her family history, as well.

A Gourmet Guide to Siskiyou's Trails

The Mount Shasta region features an abundance of antastic trails, and I have collected a number of favorites in my 20 years of hiking experience.

April 2016 - Spring Inspired

Vibrant wildflowers blanket the valley floor, and a dusting of snow still covers the foothills – it’s a glorious time of year.

Must-have gadgets designed to eliminate pet peeves

Companies are rolling out hot new technology to keep you connected, organized and entertained. Yet, many create pet peeves. Whether you are hanging out at home or travelling on vacation, here’s a round-up of tech gadget must-haves that get rid of top gadget pet peeves.

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