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Living Healthy in 2017 and Beyond

A new year awaits: a clean slate of 365 days and the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf and start eating toward a healthier, fitter and happier way of life.

Finding Treatment with Personal Stem Cells

While every body is different, each possesses the power to help heal itself through trillions of stem cells, particularly hopeful news for people living with chronic pain and systemic health conditions.

Making Worksite Wellness a Priority

Most people know healthy eating and physical activity are key to living your best life. But when you spend the bulk of your waking hours at work, it can feel impossible...

Six Factors to Consider When Purchasing Athletic Wear

You know what time it is. It’s January – the month of new beginnings, a time to set new goals, a chance to make a firm commitment to a new you.

The Shasta Sundial Strollers

Three times a week, an organized group of local outdoor enthusiasts meet at Turtle Bay. The Shasta Sundial Strollers then cross their namesake Sundial Bridge and walk an hour together...

Technology and Your Health

You’ve developed a rash, so you consult Dr. Google – who is quick to reveal that you may have a rare and potentially deadly ailment.

Shasta Rock Club Climbing Gym

For many, a key ingredient to health and fitness happens to be one of the most abundant things on Earth: rocks.

Hip Hoppin’ with Fred Vassallo

It’s a bit after 7:30 am at Sequoia Middle School in Redding and students are crawling like alligators across the auditorium stage. Soon they start moving like inchworms.

Shasta Community Acupuncture

Jean and J.P. O'Hara made a list of qualities they required in a community when they decided to uproot their private acupuncture practice in Southern California to open a community clinic.

Indoor Projects to Keep Kids Active This Winter

If you have kids, perhaps you’re looking for something new for them to do that is active for their minds and bodies – and that can be tricky when the weather isn’t cooperative.

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