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California Style Gumbo

I first tried gumbo in New Orleans, and ever since, I have loved making it. If time allows, I will make it the day before so the flavors have a chance to develop. This recipe makes...

Beautiful Crescent City

The crazy thing about a trip to Crescent City is the number of people you see from Redding on any given day!

Romancing the Stone

Enjoy the View

Enjoy the Trivia & Where Are They Now?

The answers to the trivia questions found in the October 2016 issue.

Explore! Sierra Touring Company in Plumas County

“People always ask if I grew up there,” says Ken Smith, who then clarifies, “but no, I was raised there. I never did grow up.”

James Mazzotta, Enjoy the Store

Enjoy: What was your original vision for the store? james: It all started with, “Our products tell stories.”

The 20th Anniversary of Think Pink

Pink everything. Bags, balloons, t-shirts, flowers, ribbons. Even the Sundial Bridge is lit up pink. All this and more will take place on Think Pink Day, which is Oct. 20 this year...

October 2016 - Happy 10th Birthday

Ten years: What a milestone for Enjoy Magazine! This publication was started with a hope and a prayer by a group of creatives, and a decade later, it continues to exceed our wildest dreams.

Beans and Pork Ribs (Fagioli e Costine di Maiale)

This recipe was inspired by a dish I enjoyed in a little trattoria in Florence, Italy. I like to imagine it as a recipe handed down by a sweet nonna, through the generations.

Paradise Lake

Enjoy the View

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