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Nichols, Melburg, & Rossetto—Architects + Engineers

A city is made of much more than brick and stone, and its buildings are only empty edifices without people to enjoy them.

A New Maker Space in Redding

Ray Maguire describes himself as a middle-aged nerd, a lover of technology and learning who was looking for the necessary equipment to finish building a 3D printer when he discovered OneShop...

Innovative Inventor Bill Emerson

As Bill Emerson rattles off the specs of his custom made super cars—bulletproof bodies of titanium Kevlar and stainless steel, one-third the weight of a conventional car...

Revisiting Rockin’ Ron and Meteor Music

The coolest record store in California is not in Berkeley, San Francisco or Los Angeles. It’s in Anderson, California. Really! It’s Meteor Music on East Center Street.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s Ken Grossman

It’s a rags-to-riches story that would make Horatio Alger blush: Ken Grossman, an avid hiker and cyclist who enjoyed brewing his own beer in his adopted hometown of Chico...

Army Pilot John W. Benton

Benton Airfield, Redding’s historic westside airport, is named for Army aviator John W. Benton. Born on November 27, 1896 in Manton, Benton enjoyed the outdoor life.

Restoring Chinese History

More than 2,200 years ago, Chinese potters honored their country’s first emperor by building him a mausoleum and filling it with thousands of terra cotta clay soldiers...

Debra Lucero’s Passion for Art

Art is essential. It’s not an add-on.

Katie Fritzke’s Musical Gift

The mountains rising in the north of California are full of dreams. Like a musical tune, they drift into the hearts of those living there.

Enjoying the Creative Challenge with Heather Vine

There’s a fear young professionals can experience when consciously moving to the North State to establish their careers and families. Will they be supported?

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