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Where Are They Now?

May 2017

Ney Springs and Faery Falls

The hidden treasure of flowing rivers and cascading waterfalls in Northern California presents a siren’s call, drawing people to explore the deep woods.

Catching Family Fun with the Colt 45s

During his seven years as a Major League ballplayer, Rick Bosetti played in packed stadiums across North America.

Oroville Pioneer, Judge Charles Fayette Lott

Young men living in St. Louis in late 1849 found resisting the California Gold Rush difficult. And so it was with 24-year-old lawyer Charles Lott.

"Lonesome Irony" | Anderson

Enjoy the View

A Highway 299 Waterfall Tour

Stretching the width of California from the coast of Arcata to the desert of Nevada, Highway 299 winds through national forests, lakes and rivers.

Joshua Altamura, Chopped Jr. Champion

“Chef, you’ve been chopped,” is one thing you wouldn’t want to hear on the Food Network show Chopped Junior. For 12-year-old Joshua “Joshy” Altamura, it was something he wouldn’t have...

DIY: Side Table

May 2017 Story by Kayla Stock Photos by Kelli Avila

Stuffed Shells Enchiladas

Want enchiladas, but you don’t have tortillas? Check your pantry for pasta shells. This is a fun and different preparation, and the presentation is unexpected.

Drama Teacher Bennett Gale

The Golden Eagle Charter School on the outskirts of Mount Shasta packs in a lot of activity in its half dozen or so rooms – from English classes to woodworking, jazz band to ocean ecology.

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