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Casual Fridays for a Cause Gives Back to the Community

For accounting firm Hathaway, Ksenzulak & Lapp, LLP, it’s simple. Each Friday, if a staff member wants to dress in casual attire, he or she will put a dollar in the box...

Turtle Bay Turtles

Enjoy the View

Easy Cheesy Rolled Lasagne

I wish I knew who came up with the idea of rolling up lasagna noodles. It’s brilliant! I just love the way they look and I believe they are a little less messy.

Redding Sportsman's Expo

Dustin Janc is happiest when he’s outdoors, on the trail of deer and elk, angling for trout or trying to outsmart a wild turkey.

Shasta Youth Leadership Camp

Want to cultivate youth and teens who are healthy, happy leaders who can positively influence their peers? How about getting them off of their couches, away from their screens and out...

Joe Craven and the Sometimes to Play in Redding

Joe Craven plays the congas, bongos, shakers and just about anything else he gets his hands on. He can slap out rhythms on his face and make mind-boggling percussion sounds with his mouth.

Janessa Gans Wilder and The Euphrates Institute

Most Americans remember where they were on September 11, 2001. That day forever changed the course of American foreign policy, but for Redding native Janessa Gans Wilder, “it changed my life...

Future Weed Community Center

Ashes are reminders of both death and rebirth. In the hill above the city of Weed, a dream of 20 years took shape.

Denim Blue... Here, There and Everywhere

Imagine slipping on your favorite pair of blue jeans, their soft indigo granting you instant relief from the stresses of the world, giving you confidence and comfort...

Fresh New Journey for From the Hearth

From The Hearth is thriving. With four cafés, a drive-through and a bakery, it is hard to imagine the crooked, yet serendipitous road the company has traveled to success.

Local Spotlight Support Local

Join us this summer season for Enjoy Movies in the Park–every Friday from June to August 10th at 6:30pm.


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