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Carrie Rodriguez Coming to Play in the North State

By Phil Reser, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Arts+Entertainment

Singer/songwriter, fiddle and tenor guitar player Carrie Rodriguez has emerged over the last decade as one of the most compelling new voices on the American roots-rock scene.

Sean Weaver’s Ground-Breaking TechniSoil

By Jordan Venema, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Community

It’s a long road that brought Redding native Sean Weaver back home.

The Golden Rules of Sun Protection

By Melissa Gulden, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Health+Beauty

This season, you are probably spending every moment you possibly can outside.

"The Rock" In Mount Shasta

By Gary VanDeWalker, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Community

At the foot of Black Butte, the small cousin of Mt. Shasta, traffic moves north on Interstate 5 with eyes gazing through windows at the majestic mountains of Strawberry Valley.

Jefferson State Blues Society

By Jon Lewis, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Arts+Entertainment

The blues wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the Jefferson State Blues Society.

Makin Glass With Anderson's Kimberly Makin

By Melissa Mendonca, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Arts+Entertainment

Kimberly Makin was on a weary road when she decided to move to Northern California with her young sons.

Hitch a Ride With an Electric Bike

By Claudia Mosby, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Recreation

Whoever said exercise isn’t fun probably never rode an electric bike.

Creative Ways to Get Organized

By Kimberly Boney, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Arts+Entertainment

Summertime – the unofficial recess from the rat race of the school year.

Dr. Rita McWilliams' Unique Office Environment

By Sandie Tillery, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Community

Forget cold and clinical when thinking about going to the doctor’s office.

Things to do to Keep Cool Down by the River

By Kayla Anderson, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Recreation

From the Klamath Mountains to the Central Valley, the Sacramento River spans 382 miles from Northern California, eventually merging with the San Joaquin River and feeding into the San Francisco Bay.

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