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The 20th Anniversary of Think Pink

By Kendra Kaiserman, 09/27/2016, Categories: In Print, Community, Today

Pink everything. Bags, balloons, t-shirts, flowers, ribbons. Even the Sundial Bridge is lit up pink. All this and more will take place on Think Pink Day, which is Oct. 20 this year...

October 2016 - Happy 10th Birthday

By Enjoy Magazine, 09/27/2016, Categories: In Print

Ten years: What a milestone for Enjoy Magazine! This publication was started with a hope and a prayer by a group of creatives, and a decade later, it continues to exceed our wildest dreams.

Beans and Pork Ribs (Fagioli e Costine di Maiale)

By Lana Granfors, 08/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Food+Dining, Today

This recipe was inspired by a dish I enjoyed in a little trattoria in Florence, Italy. I like to imagine it as a recipe handed down by a sweet nonna, through the generations.

Paradise Lake

By Paula Schultz, 08/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Photography, Today

Enjoy the View

Axiom Repertory Theatre

By Claudia Mosby, 08/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Arts+Entertainment, Today

Madness and genius. Relationships and identity. Axiom Repertory Theatre (ART), a relative newcomer to the Shasta County stage, has it all and a penchant for producing plays...

Richard Hemsley, Angel Chocolate

By Enjoy Magazine, 08/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Food+Dining, Today

Enjoy: Please share a bit about your background. Richard: I am a culinary artist. I’ve had experience at every level of being in a restaurant, literally everything...

World-Renowned Silk Painter Kathie Matthews

By Paul Boerger, 08/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Arts+Entertainment, Today

Mount Shastan Kathie Matthews has mastered the ancient, beautiful and complex art of silk painting.

Honey and Your Health

By Kayla Anderson, 08/27/2016, Categories: In Print, Arts+Entertainment, Food+Dining, Community, Today

Chock full of nutrients and antioxidants, honey has been highly regarded for thousands of years as a wholesome, natural resource...

David Edmondson's Salt and Savour Sauerkraut

By Melissa Mendonca, 08/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Food+Dining, Today

The tongue is sensitive to five tastes: sweet, sour, salt, bitter and savory. While many people find themselves drawn to salt or sweet, there's a particular delight to a meal...

Shasta Early Literacy Program

By Laura Christman, 08/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Community, Life+Leisure, Today

Reading matters. Spread the word.

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  • Hayfork Farmers' Market

    04:00PM — 07:00PM

    Come listen to live music, shop for local goods and produce and cultivate community! The Farmers'...

  • Canvas and Cocktails

    06:00PM — 09:00PM

    Come drink and paint with us! You don’t need ANY art experience to enjoy this evening of fun, mus...

  • THE COST OF WINNING A drama by Denise Derk Directed by Michael Gilboe and Denise Derk For so...

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  • Sunset Through the Trees

    06:00PM — 08:30PM

    Seven week fun run series. Open to all runners and walkers. Locations include: Lake Redding ...

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