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Amtrak Adventures

Dusk was falling and so was snow. Blanketing the forest of firs for as far as the eye could see, it was stunningly beautiful. It happened on the #11 train traveling through Oregon...

It’s All in the Wool at Shepherd’s Dream

A mattress under construction at Shepherd’s Dream lies on the floor. Its organic cotton cover contains layer after layer of wool batting that lofts the mattress’s height to a full 12 inches.

John Mancasola Takes Over as President and CEO of The McConnell Foundation

John Mancasola freely admits he knew next to nothing about private foundations when he graduated from law school and embarked on what he figured would be a cut-and-dried career as an...

Connecting with the Camera of Barbara Luzzadder

When Red Bluff artist Barbara Luzzadder heard there would be a super moon a few years ago, she immediately wondered if it would spend any time over Lassen Peak.

Strawhouse Resort and Cafe in Big Flat

Drive a little distance from Redding along Highway 299 to the west and before long, the Trinity River demands attention as the winding road skirts the river and sidles up against...

Paul Thorn to Perform in Chico

Growing up in Tupelo, Miss., the son of a Church of God minister, singing and playing tambourine in Southern revivals, is what prepared Paul Thorn for a life in front of an audience.

Chuck Hawes, Bow Maker

With their cams, pulleys, cables, stabilizers, sights and trigger releases, compound bows are cool, competent and uncannily accurate weapons capable of consistently putting arrows inside...

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Some woods seem more magical than others, though always in different ways.

Shasta Builders Exchange Trade School in Redding

Where are you going to college? What’s your major? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Here’s to Fun Times on the Water this Summer

Summertime in the North State can be described as beautiful. It can also be described as scorching – so it’s a good thing there are many local waterways.

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