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A North State Latte Art Tour

If you enjoy specialty coffees served in a house mug at a comfortable place to hang out for a while, then you may have noticed a heart, tulip or other design in the foam of your latte.

We Can Do It with Naomi Parker-Fraley

A woman stands over a lathe, focused intently on her work, her coveralls nearly grazing the floor. He hair is secured neatly and safely under a red and white polka-dotted scarf.

Dandy Lions Children’s Shop in Red Bluff

Adding to the nostalgia of historic downtown Red Bluff is a toy store called Dandy Lions, with a mission to bring quality, non-toxic play items to kids in a fun way.

Singer-Songwriter Freebo to Play in Redding

From world-renowned bassist to award-winning singer-songwriter, Freebo touches your heart with songs of passion that reflect his commitment to the creation of a conscious, socially involved...

My Town

December 2017

Dale and Judy Mccaskey’s Hatchet Mountain Forest Products

Deep in the forest, east of Redding and high above Montgomery Creek, technology is brewing as Dale and Judy McCaskey pursue their woodworking craft, producing flooring and paneling...

Santa Pub Crawl in Downtown Redding

Hundreds of Santas will soon take over the streets of downtown Redding, and you’re invited to grab a beer and join the fun.

DIY: Minimal Christmas Wreath

Deck the halls and get your home in the holiday spirit with this festive, fun to make wreath.

What We're Enjoying

December 2017

Favorite Christmas Songs from Hip Hop to Honky Tonk

It’s the holiday season and time for that glorious subculture of popular music – it’s time for Christmas music!

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