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Wild Turkey in Palo Cedro

Enjoy the View

Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells with Lemony Sage Butter Sauce

You may recall the enchilada recipe in this year’s May issue – made using pasta shells.

My Town

Max Malotky, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon At Summit Medical Center

Perfect Pumpkins

It’s easy to pick the perfect pumpkin in the North State, especially when you have such cute lil’ pumpkins doing the picking.

The Elsa Rupp Nature Study Area

As Robert and Lena Rupp stood beside the old stage road of Sisson, the primeval forests of Siskiyou County were a contrast to the manicured forests of Germany where they were born.

Fall Colors in the North State

Autumn in California pales in comparison with New England, right? That’s the notion, but John Poimiroo isn’t buying it.

New Asian Garden Restaurant in Red Bluff

It’s more than the delicious General Chicken, War Wonton soup and special green bean dish that keep customers coming back to to Red Bluff’s New Asian Garden Restaurant.

Redwood Creek Buckarettes

Orick natives Kimberly Frick and Kristina Comb are more than just sisters – they’re Buckarettes.

Another Take on Pets at Redding Reptiles

Love lizards? Lots of people do. Or turtles, or even (shudder) snakes.

People’s Riverboat History

As morning started settling in on the Saturday of the July 4th weekend, a small crowd of Red Bluff locals gathered around the shantyboat of the People’s River History Project...

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