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My Town

07/25/2018 11:00AM ● Published by Enjoy Magazine

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Joe Vine — Owner, Copy Center

August 2018
Photo by Melinda Hunter

How do I see my town:


Our hometown of Red Bluff has more great people and fun events per capita than any other town I have ever known.

My wife and I have traveled the world and  we have experienced some amazing places, but we are always glad to return home. We’re not always excited for a trek or vacation to end, or enthused to rejoin the 100-plus degree weather, but we’re always stoked to get back to our hometown.  

Red Bluff is really a hidden slice of middle America that Northern California has kept untouched. Outdoor recreation is abundant, the quaint downtown is charming, industry is growing and a strong agricultural community creates opportunity to carve out a well-rounded life. 

The schools that our daughters have attended have the comfortable feel and personal attention of a small school house from days gone by.  The churches have that same warm, welcoming feeling. Business transactions are often still done with a handshake, and youth sports and community events rule Friday nights.

We embrace the camaraderie of a small town and try to participate in community events and programs that benefit our neighbors. By doing so, lifelong friends, business acquaintances and new family  members have poured into our lives. My wife Heather grew up in Portland, and shortly after moving to Red Bluff, she made two observations:

 1. In a small town, residents are so tight knit that everyone is a medium-sized fish in a small pond.  

2. Every day in the summer, you can wake up and expect the sun to be shining and the day to be warm. 

We recently got a lucky break and were able to find a home on the banks of the Sacramento River. While enjoying our first 4th of July sitting on the lawn with  friends and family, we realized that we had found our forever home and community.

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