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My Town

06/25/2018 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Kathleen Hassig, Chico State University

Executive Assistant to the President

July 2018

How do I see my town:




I wake to the sweet smell of fresh lavender drifting through my open window. I gaze outside and the sky is a bright sparkling blue. I see colorful hummingbirds enjoying the fresh nectar of the salvia plant. I am energized and ready to start my day!  I hop on my cruiser and hit the bike trail, which happens to be right across the street from my front door. Gliding down the bike path, I hear a variety of birds – they are so loud and happy.  I am in a different world.  Then a covey of quail runs across the bike path in front of me. I am thrilled by the little wonders of nature. Farther down the path, a spectacular flock of wild turkeys happily wanders on the hillside; the courting males puff themselves into feathery balls and fill the air with exuberant gobbling.

Since Chico is the most bike-friendly town around, I am able to cross Highway 32 on the new bike path at a traffic light. Once in Bidwell Park, I am surrounded by towering oak trees. I cross over Big Chico Creek and am calm and cheerful. Fifteen minutes

later, I am at my desk at Chico State University. What a great commute and what a fantastic place to work.

Five o’clock brings the Trinity Hall chimes and time to head home. The afternoon ride is much more action-packed than the morning. Once through Annie’s Glenn, I hear the gleeful shrieks of children swimming at One Mile. It warms my heart. Still smiling,

I embrace the positive energy seeing tiny tots enjoying Caper Acres Playground. A whiff of the wild fennel growing on the side of the path is so refreshing!    

Back at home for the evening, I relax in my backyard, with a delicious glass of wine from a local winery. I hear a soft, melodious gabbing that increases in volume until all other sounds are consumed by its clamor; it’s the joyful sound of a perfect “V” of Canadian geese flying over my house. I feel peaceful and content. I love my hometown. 

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