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05/25/2018 11:00AM ● Published by Enjoy Magazine

Gallery: Jason Burkleo, Pastor - Evangelical Free Church of Mount Shasta [1 Image] Click any image to expand.

Jason Burkleo, 

Pastor - Evangelical Free Church of Mount Shasta

June 2018
Photo by Melinda Hunter



For as long as I can remember, I have hungered for adventure. I’ve always felt like I live my life in search of a borderland somewhere right on the edge, between the wild and the civilized. Growing up in the North State has allowed me to develop a love for things like rock climbing in the crags, skiing the back country of Mount Shasta and exploring the Trinity Alps.

After high school, I left my Northern California home and joined the Marine Corps. My time as a Marine infantryman only fueled my desire to chase the unknown and explore wild places. However, after 12 years of service, I found myself somewhere I had never planned to be. It was a different kind of adventure. I was now a husband to a wonderful woman and a father to two very lovable and active boys, each with their own hunger for adventure.

The Mount Shasta area has been described as a place where heaven meets earth, but it is really so much more. The local businesses are owned and operated by people who feel like family. My kids attend a school that feels the same way, like family. It’s rare to drive through town and see a person who isn’t enjoying life. Mount Shasta is the perfect place for my family and me. It’s a place where civilization sits on the edge of the wilderness and the civilized can be wild. My hometown is the borderland that I have always searched for. It is the place where my family and I can feed our hunger for adventure but be home in time for dinner on a school night.

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