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Changing the World with One Heart Collective in McCloud

11/27/2017 11:00AM ● Published by Gary VanDeWalker

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Purchase with Purpose

December 2017
By Gary VanDeWalker
Photos by Taryn Burkleo

The two-story house on McCloud’s Main Street breathes out the small mill town’s past, but behind the front red door, a business is changing the world: One Heart Collective. Wooden tables and shelving, a woodstove and steamer trunks hold handcrafted goods by craftsmen from around the world.  A chalkboard reminds the customer of what they accomplish here: “Your purchase: helps to rescue victims of human trafficking; is sourced ethically; helps to prevent child abandonment, trafficking and slavery.”

John and Terina Dutton began to travel into Africa more than a decade ago, looking to make a difference. John, a quarterback in the Arena Football league, spent the off season with Terina working in areas where poverty saw families sell their young girls just to provide food for their homes. They adopted two Ethiopian boys, Mikias and Solomon, adding to their family which included their children Zach, Drew, and Gabriella.

The Duttons wanted to make an even bigger difference.  “We knew if we could provide families with jobs, it would change a girl’s future from being trafficked to having hope,” Terina says.  “By opening a store, selling their goods, we could provide a market for their family’s creations. We opened our first boutique in Jinja, Uganda in 2016 and we recently opened our second location this past summer in McCloud.”

From floor to ceiling, the lives of women and families far from McCloud are represented.  Fair trade teas and coffees wait to be brewed.  Handcrafted fabric and leather goods represent hours of work in the form of purses, jewelry and artwork. Soup mixes bring meals from far away, while greeting cards wait to be filled with messages. Scarves drape on stands, waiting to join the right outfit.  The store extends online, reaching out across the world, giving opportunity to families beyond their impoverished surroundings.

Extending the outreach between the lives of these girls and the customer is the One Heart Collective Trunk Show. A volunteer agrees to host a Trunk Show and receives a
box of products to sell at their work, home or any organization willing to host. Each box is filled with popular items from the store, along with a guide of how to host the party. Terina says, “We want to cultivate an awareness of the people we serve and create a way people can directly help them with the funds that are generated.”

The store gives the community of McCloud a global outreach. Among the stands of pines is a connection to a larger world.

“Here is a place where you can speak up for those without a voice, give justice to the weak and fatherless, and defend the rights of the poor,” Terina says, “All from your living room.”

304 Main St., McCloud

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm

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