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DIY: Chicken Wire Planter

09/05/2017 11:00AM ● Published by Enjoy Magazine

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Totally Wired

September 2017
Story by Kayla Stock
Photos by Kelli Avila


• Galvanized chicken wire

• Succulents 

• 25-gauge steel galvanized wire

• Coconut planter liner

• Metal snip pliers

• Tape measure

• Scissors 


1. Cut the chicken wire into a 12x12-inch square.

2. Fold three corners of the square so they meet in the middle to replicate the shape of an open envelope.

3. Start in one of the bottom corners of your envelope and weave the 25-gauge wire in and out of the holes in the chicken wire to connect the envelope flap. Then cut the wire at the bottom, leaving about 1-2 inches.

4. Repeat step 3 with the other open flaps. 

5. Tuck the extra wire on the ends into the envelope to secure it.

6. Cut the coconut planter liner to fit the size of your envelope and push it in, while keeping the center open.

7. Break up the roots and plant the succulents. 

8. Hang on a nail and enjoy!

TIP: Make three planters and hang them next to each other, all the same size or at different sizes by cutting larger and smaller squares of chicken wire.

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