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All a Buzz at the Honey Hutch

12/08/2016 10:00AM ● Published by Enjoy Magazine

At Chico Honey Company, it’s all about the bees. As third-generation beekeepers, they know that the best honey comes from happy, healthy bees. At Chico Honey Co., honey is harvested from their own hives, an event that happens only once or twice a year. The rest of the time is spent caring for the bees, ensuring that they have everything they need to thrive—from abundant sources of nectar and pollen to fresh, clean water to protection from both pests and pesticides.

Chico Honey Co. produces honey that is pure, raw, unfiltered, undiluted, unblended and is never processed or pasteurized, each of which contributes to the quality and flavor of the honey. 

You can find Chico Honey Co.’s honey at Enjoy the Store in Redding on the Honey Hutch.

To learn more about Chico Honey Co., visit or call (530) 378-3211. You can also connect with them on FacebookPinterest and Instagram.

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