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North State Sound

03/15/2013 04:24PM ● Published by anonymous

Top 10 Bands or Musicians

The North State’s music scene is growing, and most weekends you can find a great venue where a local band is playing some fantastic tunes. Our online votes have been tallied and below are our Top 10 bands/musicians in the North State.

1. Clearcut Alternative, Acoustic, Rock

2. The Billies Classic Rock, Country, Blues

3. Duke Panther  Acoustic, Alternative/Indie Rock, Folk

4. Jim Dyar Acoustic, Folk Rock

5. Weety Country, Folk, Classic Rock (530) 378-0643

6. Summer Schappell  Country

7. Uptown Funk, Pop, Classic Rock

8. Majical Dance, Jazz, Latino/Tejano/Mariachi (530) 241-2330

9. Trespass Classic Rock and Blues (530) 351-3791

10. The Salamanders Variety

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