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How Does Your Garden Grow

03/15/2013 04:23PM ● Published by anonymous


If you love fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers and enjoy eating and sharing the fruits of your labor, you’ve probably started working – or at least thinking about – your summer garden. What fruit, vegetable or flower do you plant that thrives in this North State heat? Below are the answers we received from our online poll.

1. Tomatoes: The most common fruit grown in the United States, tomatoes require plenty of sun and even watering they grow well in containers.

2. Cucumbers: These veggies grow quickly and you can start planting them in April. Space plants about a foot apart and make sure they have plenty of growing space. They require full sun.

3. Plum Trees: Plum trees prefer well-drained soil. Fertilize in early spring and again in August and you’ll produce delicious, sweet, flavorful fruit.

4. Basil: Very easy to grow, basil loves the North State heat. It requires plenty of sun and good soil.

5. Bell peppers: Bell peppers take 70 to 90 days to mature. Encourage new growth and continuous production by harvesting the bushes regularly.

6. Zucchini: Because zucchini grows very quickly, it’s easy to get overrun with a bumper crop. Make sure you have plenty of friends and neighbors to help take some of the extras off your hands. Zucchini also freezes well.

7. Melons: Is there anything that compares to chilled melon on a hot summer day? Melons do best in the hottest part of the garden.

8. Onions: Onions do well in high temperatures and low humidity. They are fairly easy to grow as long as you water and keep the soil weed-free.

9. Roses: Who can resist the scent of a fresh rose? Roses grow best in well-drained soil and full sun. There are so many varieties to choose from – long stem, miniatures, climbers.

10. Rosemary: Use it fresh or dried, Rosemary grows best in raised beds in a place with good drainage and a lot of sun. Clip the fragrant leaves or sprigs anytime.

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