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What's the Plan

03/15/2013 03:33PM ● By Anonymous

What kind of plans have you made or goals have you set for 2013?

Take my granddaughters to Disneyland, hopefully including the two in Florida, too. ~Elena

Eliminate things I no longer use or need. ~Phillip

Go back to school. ~Katrina

Quit smoking for good! ~Ken

Shop at local farmers’ markets or fruit stands for most of our family’s produce needs. ~Chris

Choke down more fruits and vegetables and fewer pizzas and burgers. ~Rick

Doing more random acts of kindness. ~Shayla

Don’t sweat the small stuff. ~Darlene

Keep encouraging young people to set goals! (We are nothing without goals!) ~Melissa

More quality time with my kids by spending less time watching television and playing video games. ~Paula

Read more. ~Bill

Getting ready to move to a new home. ~Liz

Volunteer more. ~Cheryl

More gym time, less junk food. ~Jannelle

Finally planning a month-long trip to Europe after dreaming about it for 10 years. ~Sally

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