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03/06/2013 06:23PM ● Published by anonymous

Your Shopping Spree Dream Store

If you had an unlimited shopping spree at only one store, which store would you choose?

The Enjoy Store. I love the local stuff, and made in the USA, you can find something for anyone. Crown Camera, if you like capturing life in a photo, that’s where to go for supplies and good advice. Dandelion, great clothes, great staff, your neighbor won’t have on the same outfit. Bead Man, go to the Bead Man. ~La Rue

The Enjoy Store! But of course! ~ Leanne, Harriet

Costco ~ Kim, Joshua, Cyndee, Jody

Target ~ Jean

Barnes & Noble ~ Amanda

Walmart ~ Cathy

Due to holidays, I would pick Walmart so I could buy toys, food and warm clothing and give it to the schools to help the kids who can’t help themselves. We do OK as a family and it would only be fair as a family man to help others.... I wish we all could help and all pull together... happy holidays, friends and family. ~ Steven

Kohl’s! I love it. Great shopping for the whole family and every room in the house at great prices. Their sales are the best! ~ Kelly

For Elyse ~ Jonette

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