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Sentimental Value

03/06/2013 06:21PM ● Published by anonymous

What toy or object from your childhood do you still have? What made you keep it?

I still have my Barbies. My daughters got a lot of enjoyment out of them and now my granddaughter plays with them. ~Robin

I have all the medals that I won when I was a gymnast more than 20 years ago. I’m not sure why, but I worked hard for those things! It’s hard to throw them out. ~Adelle

My baseball glove. ~Darren

My favorite toy is a pink elephant my grandmother gave me when I was 2 years old. It has rollers on the feet and, according to my mom, I always had it with me. I still have it 48 years later. It sits on my mother’s piano in my home. ~Dawn

I have my “Patty Play Pal” doll. She is 36 inches tall and has red hair. She looked just like me when I was about her size. My parents saved her forever and now I have her. Too many fun memories to let her go. ~Claire

A stuffed dog I got when I was 4 years old - Rover. He is threadbare and very floppy now, but I’m glad he’s still around, because he’s part of many sweet childhood memories. ~Erin

A dining room table and chairs that has been with my family for over 70 years. It’s really ugly, but I just can’t part with it. I like to imagine the lively conversations that were made around that table 70 years ago. ~Jesse

I have a ceramic lamp that I’ve had since I was a baby. ~Yvonne

BILLY: Somewhere in storage I have two amazing Tonka trucks. One is a red stock truck, tractor and trailer with wood floor. The other is a yellow crane truck that I used to play with in the sandbox. Santa brought me those toys when I was 5 years old, and they are a nice memory from a Christmas so long ago.

PATRICK: There are several things I wish I had kept, like my old Erector set, but things disappear through multiple moves over the years. I do still have my original teddy bears, my baby book, and a stuffed lamb I had as a toddler. I loved my Lambie Pie... It still has both eyes, and velvet ears with a bell inside one ear. I also saved a concert t-shirt from the first concert I ever attended, a Chris Isaak show!

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