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Hat Creek Observatory

By Jordan Venema, 07/20/2016, Categories: In Print, Life+Leisure, Today

The truth is out there—at least that’s what Mulder told Scully (and television audiences) every Friday night for the better part of a decade.

Idea Fab Labs in Chico

By Melissa Mendonca, 07/20/2016, Categories: In Print, Community, Life+Leisure, Today, Recreation

There’s always been a certain amount of grit to a person with a do-it-yourself attitude.

Castle Crags State Park

By Gary VanDeWalker, 07/20/2016, Categories: In Print, Recreation

In the timberlands below Dunsmuir, the younger sister of Yosemite towers above the mix of a pine, cedar and fir forest.

Get the Facts on Options to Improve Your Skin

By Melissa Gulden, 07/20/2016, Categories: In Print, Today, Health+Beauty

With so many treatments available when it comes to skincare, it’s no wonder most of us just throw our hands in the air and continue with our old routine...

Entrepreneur Robbie Clearie

By Sandie Tillery, 07/20/2016, Categories: In Print, Food+Dining, Today

Hospitality, good food and business sense – it’s in her blood.

Remembering Historic Tehama

By Al Rocca, 07/20/2016, Categories: Life+Leisure, Today

Travelers on Highway 99, heading south from Red Bluff or north from Chico, slow down as they pass through the vibrant small community of Los Molinos.

Isac and Lorena Alvarez’s Tango Tacos in Cottonwood

By Jon Lewis, 07/20/2016, Categories: In Print, Food+Dining, Today

Isac and Lorena Alvarez are no strangers to hard work, nor are they unfamiliar with good Mexican food, and both traits make them excellent candidates...

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  • Story Time and crafts for all ages at the Redding Library, usually themed to the season. Takes pl...

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    Seven Week fun run series and various location around Redding. 7/26 - Lake Redding Park - 2M &...

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