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Love Your Pet Expo Shop — Not Your Average Thrift Store

By Richard DuPertuis, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Community, Today

A woman walks into a new Redding thrift store. She brushes past displays of bedding for pets, toys for pets, ceramic cats potted with live wheatgrass for pets...

Turn Your Garden Overload into A Garden Donation

By Laura Christman, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Food+Dining

A zucchini plant on a mission is impressive, churning out squash faster than you can say “veggie casserole.”

Carrie Rodriguez Coming to Play in the North State

By Phil Reser, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Arts+Entertainment

Singer/songwriter, fiddle and tenor guitar player Carrie Rodriguez has emerged over the last decade as one of the most compelling new voices on the American roots-rock scene.

Sean Weaver’s Ground-Breaking TechniSoil

By Jordan Venema, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Community

It’s a long road that brought Redding native Sean Weaver back home.

The Golden Rules of Sun Protection

By Melissa Gulden, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Health+Beauty

This season, you are probably spending every moment you possibly can outside.

"The Rock" In Mount Shasta

By Gary VanDeWalker, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Community

At the foot of Black Butte, the small cousin of Mt. Shasta, traffic moves north on Interstate 5 with eyes gazing through windows at the majestic mountains of Strawberry Valley.

Jefferson State Blues Society

By Jon Lewis, 05/25/2016, Categories: In Print, Arts+Entertainment

The blues wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the Jefferson State Blues Society.

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