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On the List & Where Are They Now?

By Enjoy Magazine, 12/26/2016, Categories: In Print, Today

January 2017

The Chase

By Kendra Kaiserman, 12/26/2016, Categories: In Print, Photography, Today

Enjoy the View

Get Clean with the Whole30 Eating Program

By Patrick John, 12/26/2016, Categories: In Print, Food+Dining, Today

I kept hearing people talking about something called the Whole30. At first, I didn’t want to sound stupid, so I just didn’t ask. Then I offered someone a cupcake, and they replied...

Living Healthy in 2017 and Beyond

By Jon Lewis, 12/26/2016, Categories: In Print, Food+Dining, Today, Health+Beauty

A new year awaits: a clean slate of 365 days and the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf and start eating toward a healthier, fitter and happier way of life.

Finding Treatment with Personal Stem Cells

By Claudia Mosby, 12/26/2016, Categories: In Print, Today, Health+Beauty

While every body is different, each possesses the power to help heal itself through trillions of stem cells, particularly hopeful news for people living with chronic pain and systemic health conditions.

Making Worksite Wellness a Priority

By Kerri Regan, 12/26/2016, Categories: In Print, Life+Leisure, Today, Health+Beauty

Most people know healthy eating and physical activity are key to living your best life. But when you spend the bulk of your waking hours at work, it can feel impossible...

Six Factors to Consider When Purchasing Athletic Wear

By Kimberly Boney, 12/26/2016, Categories: In Print, Today, Health+Beauty

You know what time it is. It’s January – the month of new beginnings, a time to set new goals, a chance to make a firm commitment to a new you.

Local Spotlight Support Local

  • Frosty Fun Runs

    07:00AM — 10:00AM

    Join us for an eight week fun run series. Registration at 7am, races at 8am. 12/31/16 - Lak...

  • Photo by Blaise Barnes of an old railroad building, Dunsmuir. The focus of this show is on the...

  • Preview the 2017 Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference Sportsmen's Warehouse Logging Sports Demonstr...

  • Wildcard Brewing Company's Brewhouse Tours

    04:30PM — 05:00PM

    Want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes at Wildcard? Join us for a tour. This is y...

  • Redding Community Contra Dance

    07:00PM — 10:00PM

    What is contra? Contra dance is the American cousin to Scottish and English Country set dances. I...

  • Dance Party Club

    07:00PM — 10:00PM

    Saturday, January 21,2017,"Cottonwood Band" Dance Party Club,members free; membership $30 for 8 m...

  • Vicki Lawrence and Mama


    Emmy award winning comedienne Vicki Lawrence is best known for her work on The Carol Burnett Show...


    07:30PM — 10:30PM

    "Amadeus" explores the rivalry between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri, the court com...

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