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August 2018

Relax Your Way to a Better You

IFE CAN BE HECTIC, hyper-stimulating and generally overwhelming without one very necessary, yet often elusive element: relaxation.

Engaging Kids with Nature Through Ascend Wilderness

AMANDA BARRAGAR KNOWS firsthand what it means as a kid to venture into the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area, which is why she’s dedicated to ensuring other youth can have that experience.

The Bike Shop Celebrates 40 Years in Business

THIS YEAR, Redding’s South Bechelli source for bicycles and bike service celebrates its 40th year in business.

Dr. Oscar Stansbury’s Historic Home in Chico

WHEN VISITING CHICO, most people easily notice and admire the Bidwell Mansion just off the Esplanade, near downtown. However, another impressive historic home, the Stansbury Home, sits less than a mile away on the corner of Fifth and Salem streets.

A Wild West Adventure at the Greenhorn Ranch

FOR THREE WONDERFUL YEARS between 1989 and ’91, American children had first-hand experience of life on a dude ranch. Well, actually, they had a front-row seat to a television show about life on a dude ranch.

Take a Drive to Unwind Your Mind

CAT CARSON WAS the official driver and I was her co-pilot. We journeyed up to Dunsmuir to take in the beauty of dogwoods and delight in one of our favorite little towns.

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